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Guy Ackermann

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PostMon 7. Jan 2013, 17:00

Do you know the origin of that kind of clay ? Could it be Macedonian ?
It's a third century BC campaniform situla from Eretria and I'm looking to find from where it could come from, because it does'nt seem Attic or local...
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Re: Test - fabric

PostTue 8. Jan 2013, 13:04

Dear Guy, I couldn't exclude a macedonian origin! Interesting!!! :P


Re: Fabric

PostThu 24. Oct 2013, 16:37

Dear Mr Ackermann,
what is the Munsell designation? I don't dare work only from the photograph. Any slight purplish tint which Munsell does not reflect? Do you have frequent fragments which carry these fine engraved lines, sometimes with colour? The relative robustness of the hanging palmette certainly seems non_Athenian (or Attic).
From the photograph: similar magterials seem to have occurred at Halieis, Mycenae or in general the Eastern Pelopnnesos. Not uncommon, too, the flakiing of the BG

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